Authorization of Stay for Study Purposes in Spain.

If you are interested in studying in Spain, you must know there are some important issues to consider. Study stay is a permit that allows third-country nationals to study in Spain for a period longer than ninety days. The academic institution must be authorized in Spain, the program you are enrolled in must be full-time and you must obtain a certificate.

Where can you apply for it?

It has to be applied in the applicant’s country of origin, at the consulate.  However, there is also the possibility of applying from Spain after arriving here as tourist, within the first 60 days.

Procedure and documents.

The legitimate person to submit the application is the student. And in the case of minors, their parents, guardians or accredited representatives are legitimized for applications procedures.

The documentation to be submitted is as follows:

1. Full and valid passport or travel title, recognized as valid in Spain, with a minimum validity of the period for which the stay is requested.

2. Documentation certifying having sufficient financial means:

This means having financial means to cover the expenses of staying and return to the country of origin and the expenses of the relatives, in case there is any staying with the student. The amount that needs to be credited is, monthly, 100% of the IPREM (unless it is duly accredited to have paid for the accommodation in advance for the entire duration of the stay).

In order to prove that the required amounts are available, you can present, for example, a bank certificate translated into Spanish stating the applicant as the account holder and where the amount is expressed in euros. In the event that your parents send you the money, you can present a notarized deed stating that they will be sending you money for your support during the stay.

3. Medical insurance.

4. Documentation proving the admission in the academic institution: You can present the register or a letter of admission from the center.

In case the course exceeds 6 months you will need this additional documentation:

1. Criminal record certificate issued by the authorities of the country of origin or the country in which you have resided during the last five years. (It is valid for 6 months if you do not put anything different in the document).

2. Medical certificate.

It is important to note that all foreign public documents must be previously certificated, depending on the country.

Residence permit for the relatives of the students.

The relatives of the student can obtain an authorization to legally enter and remain in Spain with during his stay.  They have to apply for this permit simultaneously with the student’s study visa, or at any time thereafter within the period of validity of the study authorization.


1. Documentation that proves that the foreigner has sufficient financial means to support the family unit.

Monthly, 75% of the IPREM is required for the first relative and 50% of the IPREM for each of the extra people (unless it is duly accredited to have paid for the accommodation in advance for the entire duration of the stay).

2. Documentation proving the family or kinship bond and, in the case of children over eighteen years of age, documentation proving that they are not objectively capable.

The authorization of the relatives will be linked to the permit of the student, and they may remain in Spain for the same period and in the same situation as the student. And if the family members stay for more than six months, they must obtain a foreigner’s identity card from the National Police.

Please note that student’s relatives will not be able to obtain, in any case, authorization to carry out lucrative activities.

Authorization for the student to carry out lucrative activities during the study stay.

Many of the questions that our clients ask us is if they can work with this permit. The answer is that it is not possible, nonetheless, one can request an authorization to carry out lucrative activities as an independent procedure.

The requirements are the following:

• Work activities must be compatible with carrying out the studies.

• The income obtained must not be considered a necessary resource for their support or stay, nor will they be considered in the stay extension procedure.

• The foreign student must have the training and the professional qualification legally required for the exercise of the profession.

• The applicant company must be registered in the Social Security system regime and be up to date with the fulfillment of its tax obligations and accredit sufficient financial, material or personal means to meet the obligations assumed in the contract .

• If the employer is a natural person, once the payment of the agreed salary has been discounted, 100% of the IPREM must be credited if there are no dependents. If the family unit includes two members, 200%. If the family unit includes more than two people, 50% of the IPREM must be added to the previous amount for each additional member.

• The contract must be formalized in writing and be part-time or, in the case of being full-time, its duration must not exceed three months or coincide with the periods of study. On the other hand, the conditions established in the employment contract must comply with those established by current regulations.

The validity of the authorization to work will coincide with the employment contract and may in no case be greater than the duration of the authorization to stay. The loss of validity of the residence authorization will cause the work permit to expire.

Are you considering study in Spain? Contact us so we can help with your stay for studies and with the permit for your relatives!

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